In addition to a range of ready-to-buy items I also produce commissioned work.  All items are made with fused recycled glass sourced mainly from bottles.

The pieces that result vary depending on the kind of bottles I have available. Each is unique. 

Below I feature a selection of commissioned work and stories behind each piece.

The Gallery section shows a wider range of my work.  Many items exhibited here have been sold.  If, however, you see something that particularly appeals to you, it is worth getting in touch to see if I can make a new one similar to the one you liked.

If you are looking for a unique gift for a wedding, anniversary or another momentous occasion, or would like to own a one-of-a-kind item made especially for you, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Examples of past commissions

Arts and crafts lamp

This lamp was commissioned by a client as a gift for a friend’s 70th birthday.  The guidance given included approximate dimensions, Arts & Crafts and love of wine.  The resulting piece was made in the style of Arts & Crafts with hand-worked Cumbrian oak frame and glass made of fused wine bottles.

Recycled glass and silver necklace

This necklace was commissioned for a lover of Scotland and Scotch whiskeys.  Its colours evoke the meeting point of rolling waves of the North Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful beaches of Western Scotland.  Fused whiskey bottles were wrapped in sterling silver to make this unique gift.

This wall sconces project had a very broad mandate.  My only constraint was the colour of the curtains.  The client loved being surprised and was very happy with the result.

This leaded glass panel was another project with a very broad mandate.  The client, who is a woodworker specialising in Arts & Crafts style furniture and wood carving, wanted to make a drinks cabinet with a glass panel.  I was given the dimensions, the rest was left up to me.  The element of surprise was much appreciated and the delighted client loved the final piece.  And I loved it so much that I decided to make the logo of Rakita Craft.

This platter was commissioned by a client whose business has Aardvark in its name.  The client was happy with and amused by the results.

These fishes were commissioned by a client who wanted to add some cheer to his morning showers.

And there is even a poem by the pleased client citing the fish:

I take a morning shower
Surrounded by glass fish
From Rakita riffling in the stream
Of warm water cascading soapily
Feeling my way, eyes stinging, shuttered
To avoid tripping or falling on the soap
That slipped from my hands as I bathedImagine walking the wooded path
Unsighted, along the wooden causeway
Guided by the music of Trout riffles
on the Irthing beneath Clay Hurley Bank
Stumbling, as toes are caught on roots
Tearing through the sandy soil
As the forest tumbles into the valley below

Imagine the sudden weightless falling in darkness

One of my earliest commissions was from a client in Cumbria who was renovating her house.  Having seen my work at an exhibition, she had an idea of what she wanted.  She particularly liked the way different colours created layers which bled into one another.  She asked me to make three 12 x 12” tiles to go into a door.  She showed me an Arts & Crafts style ceramic tile which she wanted to be the inspiration for this project.   The new tiles were to be themed around Cumbrian hills.  The images above are of “the inspiration”, my drawings for proposed tiles and finished work.

This bathroom was designed and created for a 7-year-old who loves nature.  Both, the parents and the young naturalist were charmed.

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