Eco-friendly life style

Rakita Craft is the brainchild of a glass artist.  I work exclusively with recycled glass sourced mainly, but not exclusively, from bottles.  I design and make a range of items for the home – both functional and purely decorative – using fused glass.  I also make silver and glass jewellery. 

I studied stained glass design for three years, as well as jewellery design at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle.  My appreciation of glass as an artistic medium combined with concern for the future of our environment and the desire to lead and promote a sustainable lifestyle encouraged me to devise a unique brand of fused glass designs.

For my work I employ simple shapes, which allow me to showcase the striking patterns developed to use a limited palette of available colours.  I derive my inspiration from the surrounding countryside, my creations reflecting the hues of bracken, hills and mountain streams.

I am a devotee of Arts and Crafts movement and develop my work in accordance with its tradition of hand-craftsmanship, individual design and experimentation with variety of techniques and materials.  That combined with the aspiration for ethical and environmentally aware living led me to create things of beauty and function for decorating one’s surroundings while minimising the use of earth’s limited resources.

The name

The name – Rakita – derives from a Russian word for willow.  Willow is a survivor – it takes root readily and grows rapidly, freely and profusely.  Hence, to me it symbolises regeneration and eco-friendly outlook.

The materials

I use only local or discarded materials, such as glass bottles and, for special projects, sustainably harvested timber, worked by hand by my husband.   I then recycle them into something new, unique, striking and purposeful.

The place

I live and work in the North Pennine hills of Cumbria.  As a result, my vision is influenced by the local countryside – its beauty and its history.  My designs and techniques are modern, yet steeped in tradition.  The available recycled raw materials dictate the use of colour and provide for a daring statement.  I have attempted to respond creatively to the current human and eco system challenges with fresh ideas that apply to our interconnected world.

The outcome

Whether you are looking for an eco-friendly gift or a piece of recycled glass jewellery for yourself, you will find it here.  I handcraft all my pieces to a very high standard of quality.  Each item I create, however large or small, is unique, unusual and stylish.

Thank you for visiting Rakita Craft and I hope you find something that appeals to you.  Jenia