Eco-friendly life style

At Rakita Craft we make eco-friendly lamps, tableware, jewellery and decorative items from recycled glass and locally sourced wood.

The name

Our name derives from a Russian word for willow.  Willow is a survivor – it takes root readily and grows rapidly, freely and profusely.  Hence, to us it symbolises regeneration and eco-friendly outlook.

The materials

At Rakita Craft we use only local or discarded materials, such as glass bottles and sustainably harvested timber.   We then recycle them into something new, unique, striking and purposeful.  Finally, we create eco-friendly items for you and your home by fusing glass and hand working wood.

The place

Rakita Craft is based in the North Pennine hills in Cumbria.  As a result, we derive our vision from the local countryside – its beauty and its history.  Our designs and techniques are modern, yet steeped in tradition.  The available recycled raw materials dictate the use of colour in our products and provide for a bold statement reflecting the colours of bracken, hills and mountain streams.  We, therefore, have responded creatively to the current human and eco system challenges with fresh ideas that apply to our interconnected world.  Consequently, the results are stunning, unusual, and stylish.

The outcome

Whether you are looking for a unique eco-friendly gift or a piece of recycled glass jewellery for yourself, you will find it here.  We handcraft all our pieces to a very high standard of quality.  Each item we make is unique.